Born and raised in Southern Idaho.
Studied Industrial Design at Walla Walla University.
Intentionality is critical to design. In a world that loves to focus on the beauty of form before function, I pride myself on creating designs that place functionality first, and form second. When beautiful function exists, beautiful form follows.

When creating quality designs, I work to understand the problem and create a fitting solution that can be molded into a beautiful form, without detracting from the purpose. Form should serve function, and function should drive the form.

I strive to represent this principle in all of my work, through personal and client-based projects.

Nothing compares to that beautiful moment when a final form emerges from the foundations of a project that fully represents the purpose and user.


There is overlap in every stage of the design process.

When setting out to create design solutions, the deeper you can look into the life of the consumer – the more you can see yourself as them and truly become them – the clearer a solution you will find.