Yes, We Used a Public Pool

She sees
in black and white
thinks in greys
but loves in color

- JmStorm

     This photograph was part of a photoshoot that my friend and I were inspired to create over the summer. She has modeled for me on many occasions, so we often come up with new photoshoots and ideas that we want to try together. This one was my inspiration.

     My goal for this photoshoot was to create a vibrant contrast between my subject and the surroundings – I wanted the blue of the chlorinated, teal-colored public pool to contrast with the all black, dark vibe of the model.

     My friend, being the wonderful human being that she is, was ecstatic to do this photoshoot as soon as she heard my idea – she was excited to try something that could show off her new haircut (and of course her spitfire personality).

     We went through many different outfits and poses, but my favorite photograph to come out of the shoot was this one. It perfectly captured her personality, and the feeling that I was going for in the shoot. We were lucky enough to be the only ones at the pool that day (yes, we used a public, outdoor pool for this), and the weather was on our side to give some great diffused lighting (it was a little bit chilly, but she was a trooper!) In the end, I was very happy with the end result of this photoshoot.

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