We’re All Stories

"In the end, we'll all become stories."

- Margaret Atwood

     Welcome to the blog portion of my website! You may be curious as to why I have named my blog “Stories.” This is because I will be using this portion of my website to deliver insight into the background of some of my favorite photographs!

     I want to be able to share my photographic journey with you, as a photograph does not always have all the answers. It should speak volumes for itself, but it can speak uniquely with the right kind of support.

     I will choose from some of my favorite photographs, or photographs that meant a lot to me after taking them, or even photographs that had a humorous story behind them.

     I will also utilize this space to share photoshoot stories and collection memories from some of my clients – stories of newborns, family, and wedding photography are close to my heart. And, after reading my stories, I hope they will be for you as well! 

     This particular photograph was taken at the top of a clearing in the Umatilla National Forest, in the Blue Mountains of the Walla Walla valley. It was a beautiful, warm day, and the sun was beginning its descent behind the horizon. I took a drive with friends, and this is where we ended up.

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